Friday, September 26, 2008

CTIA CSC 6 month growth chart

This ppt graphic shows you exactly what is wrong with the USA sms market - telcos who have no idea about how to implement a vibrant sms csc ecology, or are choosing ‘not’ to implement what’s required for various reasons.

A Common Short Code or CSC is the 5 or 6 digit number you text in for commercial sms 'interactions', so it may be text to vote, or text for information etc etc

Go to the UK and you'll find thousands of these neat campaigns, in Australia and Asia whilst not as many, also have a lot of them.

In the USA there are only 3145 for the whole country...... (and as shown below apaethetic growth for the last 6 months)

Carriers and CTIA already know what the issues are and how to fix them (hell i personally told them what the issues were when i met with them as part of the work I did for over 2 years ago)

- costs are too high (currently costs $1,000 per month to lease a CSC).

- implementation hurdles are too complex (currently 3 different 'people' have to sign off on the use and functionality of your CSC campaign).

Change both of these and you'll have both standard and premium csc campaigns booming and offering interesting and innovative content..... instead of just late night smut applications.


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