Thursday, September 11, 2008

Melissa Ferrick Concert

This is exactly what i love about living in New York, tonight I got to see Melissa Ferrick live and all for only $20.

It was in a divy little club on the lower east side with only 200 people (lol I think i was one of only about 10 guys in the room).

If she was touring Sydney she'd need a big venue and probably a whole band and in order to support to expenses she'd need to be charging two or three times as much (instead of just driving herself to the gig from where she lives 10 mins away in Brooklyn).

The best part about it is having such an intimate venue allows her to really communicate with the room in a way very few artists can. What was really amazing was how good she sounded live - you know how when you see some bands live they sound nothing like their cd's because of 'post recording' corrections etc - there was none of that she absolutely rocked her heart out and sounded great.

It's amazing how one person and one guitar can totally blow away a room like that - huge concert and if she's ever touring near you you should definitely go and see her.


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