Friday, September 26, 2008

Android Welcomes App Store's Rejects With Arms Wide Open

After being rejected by Apple, coder Alex Sokirynsky said he'd be an Android convert. The wannabe iPhone developer recently gained widespread attention when Apple rejected his application Podcaster -- because it allegedly "duplicates" iTunes. Then, Sokirynsky tried to sell his application through other means, and Apple shut down his operation. As a result, Sokirnysky on Tuesday announced in a blog post (before removing it, presumably in light of Apple's new non-disclosure policy regarding rejections) that he would cease developing applications for Apple and code for Android instead.

Yep looks like Apple is blowing a major lead with their 'rough treatment' of iPhone developers.

It's not up and running yet but check out in the next few weeks for a new community site that will be set up to provide a forum for reviewing and recommending mobile applications but also a community that will allow mobile application developers to communicate with each other without fear of retribution.


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