Friday, April 24, 2009

real time global maze competition concept

Really interesting article here on BBC News that I found via Slashdot about the possibility of racing real time in an event that i found while researching a business concept (you're welcome to take it and run with it for anyone that wants to develop it further - dont forget to send me my 5% when you get rich).

So we all know iPhones are the latest and greatest (yeh right but they are the only platform in town for paid applications at the moment).

So my concept is this, run a "timed maze game, in real 'space', on your mobile handset virtually".
So the application concept is simple, you head to the park or some other 'open space', you start the application on your iPhone, choose the size of the 'virtual maze' (no point in selecting 1000 meters x 1000 meters if you are going to have to run into street traffic........though it could add a 'frogger like' spin to the game).

You would be shown an 'overhead view' of the maze on your handset and get time to 'plan how you get through the maze' from the start to the finish, once you hit go the view on your handset changes from 'overhead' to 'eye level' and you start walking through the maze. (think 3D-wolfenstein style view).

By using accelerometers, gps or other digital compasses, the handset changes your 'eye level view' as you physically move through the maze, which although is open park space, throws up 'walls & paths' on your handsets display.

The cool part is someone in London's Hyde park, could be competing with someone in New York's Central park either as a 'best time score' to date, or even better in real time.

I'm not sure if mobile handset location is at this kind of accuracy at the moment, but if you work in this space and want to run with this idea feel free to, or if you are a developer and need someone to help you on the commercial side/raise money etc then get back in touch with me.

P.S. If you are a shit hot developer and 'like this concept' AND already have funding then i have an even better concept for you that can actually sell today + has wider market appeal BUT it's going to cost you more than 5%.

Send me an email to discuss.

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  1. big open space turned into a maze w/ virtual walls = doesn't sound much fun to me. it seems like a lot of running around and looking at your screen the whole time... instead of 50% real world obstacles / 50% virtual world, which i find super interesting..


    pacmanhattan (70% real world, 30% virtual world)

    mobzomies (20% real world, 80% virtual) <--- this is closest to what you describe, btw.

    crossroads (from area/code)

    mogi mogi (japan)

    plundr (also area/code)

    ... i really love the idea of passive / pervasive games... collecting items as you do everyday things - go running, commute, run errands, etc - i'm not so bullish on the "big games as events" thing cause they require so much pre-planning and coordination.