Thursday, April 23, 2009

Global competing music publishing rights

This article got me thinking today about physical cd production license rights.

(actually if you want to know the truth I've actually been thinking about this topic since this article

If a "country based" publishing licensing authority has the rights to license the "production of music" at a particular rate, like the Russian Music Federation did with (background links here

What is to stop a country like Fiji or Argentina becoming the worlds leading cd production center based on cheaper favourable license costs?

Eg I set up production in Argentina, i press all my cd's there and pay the statutory authority the 'legal going rate' which they then pass along to the approrpaite country representative of the artist.

I set up a website hosted in that country and then sell my cd's for shipping globally.

All while doing so legally, but at a much reduced cost base? Law of viral economics and search engines will take care of marketing (hell i can just auto upload onto ebay as a distribution method).

Am i missing something?


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