Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Verizon expands remote DVR management functionality

Verizon expands remote DVR management functionality
Verizon has added more wireless handsets that work with its remote DVR management service. Verizon is now offering the service to all of its FiOS TV DVR users. The service allows customers to remotely review, change or add recording requests, delete recorded programs, browse and search TV and VOD listings, as well as set parental controls. More

I would be happy with the ability for my Time Warner 8350HD box just to not record repeats when i ask it to only record first runs.

And to be able to enter the name of an actor or movie and whenever it finds it - to record.
....you know like Tivo has been doing for the last 6 years.

I have no idea what the people at Time Warner do with their work hours but it sure aint working on their firmware.

When Cisco bought out Scientific Atlanta....i for one was hopefully they would fire half the staff and start from scratch.


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