Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Australian NBN financial analysis

I read this article today:,consumers-to-pay-a-premium-under-nbn-plan.aspx and below is my response.

So nobody working for the ISP's are taking into account the benefits for Australian business's having 100mb fiber to their door OR the ability for people to videoconference/telework from home, consume new services etc.

Lets put it this way, people in here in New York are talking about how bold a move and if a country as large as Australia can do it why cant the USA (Singapore and Korea always being referred to as freak outliers that dont count.... according to Americans).

This is a bold move and whilst it would be my wish that the Australian governement fund it all themselves so as to deliver connectivity and access on a 'cost + recovery' basis and eliminate the need to organise public funds (read...give a ton of money to Macquarie/bankers for securitising a project while taking on no risk).

If the government ran the network this way as 'a public utility' just for the good of the country - it would be an even more impressive thing.

Dean Collins

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