Wednesday, April 01, 2009

@CTIA: NeuStar Touts Global Bar Code Interoperability

Step right up, Step right up, Come one Come all.

Welcome to CTIA, where only we can take a perfectly simple idea like open source 2d bar codes and turn it into a multi level money grabbing screwup.

Yes folks step right up to CTIA press extravaganza next week, where we will announce a system sure to confuse the market even more and introduce a closed highly licensed system from what was once a perfect idea already.
LAS VEGAS—NeuStar, the company behind the common short code registry, today unveiled the a successful demonstration and implementation of technology that enables cell phones and other mobile devices to scan and process two-dimensional bar codes – regardless of the mobile service provider, type of bar code symbology or scanning technology used.
“This is very exciting because what we’re announcing is barcode interoperability,” said Diane Strahan, vice president of Mobile Services at NeuStar. “We truly mean across all platforms and media.”
NeuStar says its pilot program is based on open standards and demonstrates interoperability among the world’s most successful bar code campaign managers, symbologies and code reader technologies through NeuStar’s third-party central clearinghouse and registry services.

CTIA, you can count on us, I mean look how badly we screwed up the common short code system (SMS CSC) here in the USA, of course we'll fuck this up as well.
(dont believe me go check out how the csc system in the UK is flourishing in comparison).



  1. ha ha ha - guess the neomedia fanboys dont like the truth being out in the open and deleted my post from investors hub.

    dont worry boys, go back to playing with your penny stocks and crying over shattered dreams while we get on with the real work.

  2. Were you in the WIC session yesterday? A year of work by the groups amounting to f'all. Disaster unravelling with the Neustar and Nielsen CSC monitoring and aquisition process. Fun, fun...

  3. Hi Dean, I was a big skeptic of what I expected this to be but I had a chance to see the NeuStar demonstration at CTIA and talk with them at length about the approach. I am optimistic that this is a good development that will help move the market forward. Today the code scanning market in the US is screwed up. Sure it can work fine for an art gallery in Pittsburg but no major brands or advertisers will touch it because it is too fragmented and not carrier supported. What NueStar has proposed is in line with the OMA as an indirect model. This will be a central domain registry for barcode headers that will allow different companies interoperate with indirect codes. I agree with you that we need to also support direct codes such as QR but an agreed upon indirect method is key to making this a scalable business and Much is yet to be decided on the specifics but I believe it is a step in the right direction.

  4. Hi Jim,

    thanks for stopping by.

    I appreciate what you are saying, but the Neustar proposal is no different to what you suggested to me that you were trying to do with except that neustar is going to be 'the collector' instead of you.

    my issue with all of these money grabbing schemes is you dont 'NEED' to have a central authentication service.

    if the carriers natively loaded good qr readers, and paid for their development out of increase data charge revenue(lik Telstra did in Australia with 2m+ qr readers now deployed in Australia) then a market would be created.

    i, you or anyone else that wanted to could use whatever QR code creator we wanted and everything would be free.

    it's only when money hungry people get in the middle and want to 'clip every ticket' that things screw up.

    transactional fees aren't the way to move forward.

    ctia have already proven that they screwed up the sms csc they just want to do the same to the 2d code market.

    at the end of the day i dont make my living from this space so it's not really my problem to solve.

    however i think all the 2d code companies and all the carrier companies CEO's should be sat down in a room to watch the "game dynamics theory" scene from "a beautiful mind" and not allowed to come out until all this bullshit has stopped.

    you know it's funny you mentioned my post about the art gallery..... surprising how things just work when people stop all the BS and just get to work.

    Dean Collins

  5. I agree with your viewpoint on the CTIA and how they've teamed up with Neustar to become gatekeepers for short-codes in the US. I loved your "ticket puncher" comment. Worked brilliantly to illustrate your point.