Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Digg reps their own ads


"Digg is ending its two-year-old exclusive ad selling relationship with Microsoft, one year earlier than the deal was set to expire.

The two will continue working together on remnant and so-called "network reserve" inventory. Microsoft's network reserve ads represent high visibility placements sold to advertisers on a blind basis.

But beginning in July, Digg will be solely responsible for all custom ad deals."

This quote should read....we're sick of MS ad reps not pushing us first over any of the other brands and writing crap CPM deals.

As anyone who is running an advertising supported website knows, direct sale ads can often sell for 500% more than remnant ads through MS/GoogleAdBrite etc banner ad networks.

There is just no reason not to run your own ad server directly (we use www.openx.com the open source ad server solution for our www.livechatconcepts.com websites with pubmatic then doling out remnant sales).


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