Friday, February 26, 2010

Cablevision's remote DVR finally deployed

I noticed this morning in

Cablevision is finally slated to roll out Remote Storage DVR service. The cable provider will make the set-top-box free DVR available in April, with plans to make it available to all customers by the end of 2010. The move comes after years of regulatory scrutiny and means less entertainment center clutter for consumers.

Very cool to see this finally being launched, i'm surprised that no one else has rushed to roll something similar for other content.

At the time of this ruling i thought we would see a rush to the cloudification of content that i went out and bought the domain  thinking we would see an onslaught of companies offering to "host" our dvd's and cd's that we demonstrated we owned etc etc

With bandwidth costs falling it seems a natural but here we are in 2010 and this is just being deployed now; what happened?

Dean Collins

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