Friday, February 19, 2010

QR codes at SXSW

Going to SXSW? Then get a QR reader installed onto your handset now as QR codes are playing a bigger role this year

Not going to SXSW and don’t have a QR reader installed on your handset? Browse on your mobile phone to this url  and it will work out for you automatically which reader is available for your handset model.

Or just visit these sites directly if you want to try a few different versions.

· iPhone: I-Nigma
· Windows Mobile: Bee Tagg
· BlackBerry: I-Nigma or BeeTagg
· Android: Google Zxing Reader
· Nokia: I-Nigma

Still don’t know what a QR code is? Then check out  for a “60 second dummies guide to QR codes”.


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