Friday, February 12, 2010

just stumbled acoss - - no use to me but what an amazing tool for those who are in the industry.

PlaceVine - Product Placement & Branded Entertainment Company

PlaceVine is a company offering a web-based service that connects marketers and content producers to brand integration and product placement opportunities across film, television and new media.



  1. Dean: Thanks for your kind words! We're working hard to continue improving the service and we have over 500 content producers and 250+ brands on-board today.

  2. Hey Adam, ...and you are switched on enough to have google alerts or similar working :)

    Would be interesting to see a montage of some video clips where your products were implemented.

    I appreciate it might be hard as you dont act as a "transactional" process but i'm sure you could put together 30 x 3 second clips where you guys initiated the insertion for a 90 second montage.

    unfortunately most of my business is websites so not something you would really be able to "insert" into a film etc.