Wednesday, February 10, 2010

common short code 654654

Anyone reading this know anyone from Snackable Media?

Snackable Media
350 7th Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001
telephone: 212-588-1180

I’d like to publicly shame them for texting cell phone numbers that Predicto LLC are slamming into their sms engine using the short code 654654.

If you want to point them out to me privately please do so as I’d like to punch them in the face personally and wait for them to say STOP – which I will ignore just the way they and their premium sms servers are ignoring my text message replies.

At least Predicto LLC are smart enough to have a phone number thats outsourced to an indian call center who refuse to hand over their USA head office phone number of so i cant extend the same punch courtesy on to them.

Yes I have filed a complaint with the FTC but seeing Snackable is local here to NY someone must know them and I’d like to extend them an extra special Hello to them.

BTW as of 11th of Feb add - 77893 Financial services alerts - to the shit list. it sounds like someone in NY is selling a list of mobile numbers and is going too get arrested sooner than later.

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