Sunday, February 14, 2010

Melissa Ferrick

Was great to see Melissa Ferrick live again last night  (saw her live about 2 years ago) - same audience mix, me and about 199 lesbians, lol at least i could see right over the top of them. I dont know why she doesn't have wider audience appeal, her rendition of Drive to close out the show was one of the raunchiest live performances i've ever seen.

The Bell House really is the middle of no where but has an amazing sound system and at least if you know people are going to make the trek out to Gowanus you know they have to be great fans so it's always a good night.

She's got a new cd coming out in March that is a collection of covers, going to have to get it as she did this cover of a Lucinda Williams track that rocked out that i had to capture some of it on my cell (though it's a bit dark).


P.S. went to Bar Tano to grab something to eat before hand, still the best place locally out there, had a pulled short rib burger with caramelised onions and a home made mayo/mustard sauce that made it worth the trip alone....shame about the chips though :(

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  1. apparently i got her comments at the start of the song wrong (lol how many drinks had i had that night?)

    someone posted comments to youtube which i've posted below;

    boessie - This is not a cover but her own song " bad habit" :)
    DeanCollinsCognation - thanks, i thought she said at the start of that song it was a lucinda williams cover?... though she does like to talk a lot so maybe she changed her mind what she was going to sing.
    boessie - Bad Habit is on Goodbye Youth.
    She uses a groove in that song that she heard in a Lucinda Williams song.
    DeanCollinscognation - thanks so much for the comments and steering me right.