Friday, February 05, 2010

Gilt exclusive sales

I keep hearing about how "Private Sales" are the hottest new trend and that people are clamouring to rush to 'outpurchase' their friends and that Gilt is one of the hottest at the moment....supposedly because you are supposed to be "invited" by someone in the "know".

lol - but if you go and sign up on their webpage saying you want to join you get an email pretty shortly thereafter, not right away but within 2 days when i signed up.

Ok so i have been looking at the Gilt Man emails over the last few days without seeing a single thing i would buy (let alone at the designer prices) lol but today i burst out laughing and finally had to unsubscribe.

lol - i'm out of here.



  1. You twitter feed shows that you seem to be one of an immature nature. Not very Professional in my opinion

  2. lol yeh ok but it's my twitter feed so gagf :)