Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Nirvana - Nevermind

Wow - thats just scary.

I upload a few tracks into the Music Box ---->   to remind you just how perfect this album was( I mean 'is').

I'm going to go have a bex and a lie down...I'm getting too old.

(P.S. lol anyone who really knows me is laughing about the too old comment right about now).

P.P.S - After i uploaded the tracks i was checking out wikipedia - actually some people are just realy really bad at maths. regardless of whether the original people stating this were referring to the release dates of the album

Please Please Me was launched in 1963 - so in 1991 when Nevermind was launched it was 28 years old.
Nevermind is now only 19 years old

Or the age of the band members,

Krist Novoselic (the oldest Nivana member b1965) will be 45 in 2010 
Ringo Starr (the oldest Beatles memeber b1940) would have been 51 in 1991

Both dates are wrong by about 10 years.Come back and post this in 10 years from now guys......

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