Wednesday, February 03, 2010

DVI-I Dual Link digital and analog cables

hmmm in case you ever get stuck with some DVI-I Dual Link digital and analog cables but only a DVI-D dual link digital connector on your monitor and you're wondering....hmmm my monitor connector doesn't have a slot for the 4 extra pins i wonder if i can just bend them out of the way..... the answer is yes, yes you can  :)

Basically you need to cut or bend those 4 pins around the flat blade. The good part about it is the metal outside sheath isn't conducting anything (unlike a mic cable etc) so the pins can be bent back and touch the outside - note in the 3 cables i modified i didn't let the 4 pins touch each other - basically i leaned them back using a small flat blade screw driver and then used a bigger screw driver that was able to force a 90 degree bend where they leant against the outside sheath.

Getting the cable into the monitor is a bit of a force because the flat blade is smaller on a DVI-D connector but if you can push it on to the point that the retaining screws will tighten you're golden, just use the screws to force it in.

Hopefully google will index this post so next time someone like me gets stuck and tries to google the answer they wont have to worry so much about if they should just return the package and wait another week for the right cables to be shipped back.


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