Monday, August 15, 2011

ARGHHH Thecus Still havent fixed my N7700

Argh just found out from Thecus they still haven't fixed my N7700 and worse the call center are useless, i was just told by "katie" i should expect a 5-10 day minimum wait!!!

Be aware that the Thecus is based on proprietary hardware and that should something go wrong you are at the mercy of Thecus to get a replacement part.

My N7700 died 2 months out of warranty and they wanted $395 for a replacement motherboard (approx 40% of the cost of the original purchase price).

Because it's proprietary you have no other choice but to cough up unless you want to lose your data forever.

I highly recommend people DO NOT buy Thecus NAS/Raid equipment with out having a standby backup in case your original box goes down.

BTW for background on my Thecus problems start

and finally

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