Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How 2D barcodes handle contact details

There is an interesting discussion happening on LinkedIn at the moment about how you can deliver "contact information" via 2d barcodes
eg. do you use Vcards or MeCards OR even better do you encode a url where the file is attached and can be modified at anytime.

PrintQRaft have an interesting solution where they build a mobile web page that asks you to enter your email address which then autobounces back an email with attachment.

Someone mentioned MsTags solves this problem....(it doesn't) my response is below

.....but the process of writing the contact to the phone is being handled by the MsTag app rather than the native phone address client application.

Because it is being handled by MsTag the requirement is now for Microsoft to write to 4 mobile O/S types as well as the multiple handset variations instead of them just settling on Vcard or MeCard.

I scanned the contact details from your LinkedIn avatar but MsTag failed to download your contact details to my moto droid 3 handset running touchdown.  It recognises and displays your contact details (very quickly) but writing it to my phones contact list brings up the error box "The application Contacts storage (process com.motorola.contacts) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again".
....and no trying again doesn't solve the problem.

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