Thursday, August 11, 2011

Turnbull has a brainfart and how he can make the NBN even better

Worthwhile Twisted Wire podcast to listen to about Turnbulls magical plan to capture the NBN doubters votes for the liberals in the next election and rain candy and unicorns for all.

My Comments below;

Sorry mate but in your wrap up the point of the NBN isn't "to save money", so there is no point to be gained in having a two tier system where the rural areas get "future proofed" (to use your words), also your proposal doesn't give blanket rights to suburban areas with open access.....basically what you are proposing would be a SNAFU.

As for do you know a politician is lying.....his lips are moving.

Mr Turnbull all i have to say to you is you could have split Telstra into a retail wholesale company and only listed the retail when the liberals had the opportunity but you didn' sad you lose.....

I hope the NBN contracts have whopping penalties for any events where a new government in power chooses to "rewrite" the rules post election so that it isn't economically sensible to try and change the path we have committed to.

This is definitely an instance where having a longer term stable government will be beneficial for Australia.

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