Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a balls up

For anyone on the newtech list who went to NY Video Meetup and noticed I didn’t present……..below is the story.

Basically the organizer got upset that I handed them a usb drive and asked them to load up the pdf I intended to walk through while talking tonight give only to be told powerpoints = self promotion and “we don’t do decks”.

I wouldn’t mind so much but I wasn’t even talking about the websites – I was showing people attending how to add a Facebook tool to their websites in order to increase engagement times. Totally altruistic in what I was hoping to talk about tonight. (lol I can do plenty of self promotion at times but this wasn’t it).

I don’t know how I was supposed to react when after 5 minutes of offering to show them the pdf in advance, offering to browse the  website and show them how the chat worked, offered to basically do anything apart from coding the website in front of them which is what I think they were after.

What a balls up I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.

Anyway, for those of you interested here is how you add the Facebook live stream plugin to your website -

Its not rocket science but this was the tool we used to get 68,483 visitors to our website in 5 weeks with no advertising.


Dean Collins


From: Dean Collins
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See below EXACTLY what I offered to talk about tonight – I’ve also attached the 4 emails and although the word demo is used at no point do you ever say no ppt.

I was there to add value to the community and show the people attending how to implement longer engagement times on their websites visitors with live chat.

I’m very disappointed that you equate ppt automatically with self promotion – did you really expect me to code the website in front of the room?


Dean Collins
LiveFanChat inc

From: Dean Collins
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To: 'Steve Rosenbaum';
Subject: RE: [web-13] NY Video - July Openings -

I can talk about  if you think it’s appropriate? (though obviously I’d much rather talk about our sports sites though).

Basically I could explain how with only 30 minutes work including domain registration etc we used the #CaseyAnthony YouTube videos to attract the following stats to

63,936 visitors in the 5 weeks the trial has been running.
We have served 346 man days, 11 hours 35 minutes worth of video (so far).
Most active visitor in the past 5 weeks has been with 413 visits

Dean Collins
LiveFanChat inc


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Subject: [web-13] NY Video - July Openings -

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know we have a few spots open for demo's, preso's, and cool content creators at this months NY Video Meetup (July 14th, AOL HQ).

So hit me back if you'd like a shot -


Steve Rosenbaum
NY VideoMeetup

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