Monday, June 25, 2012


I started reading this book Bumfuzzle last night.

Basically everyone raves about this book as the must read, go to book, if you are planning on doing a sailing circumnavigation. I've heard about it for many years in different places, you must read Bumfuzzle etc etc

I bought it thinking its going to be this super technical book about the do's and donts of sailing and prepping and how to etc.

lol the first 6 pages are a crackup and fantastic, basically this guy and his wife get drunk in a bar and unhappy with their life at the moment (even though doing very well) decide to chuck it all in and go sailing.....having never sailed before.

10 days later they had bought a boat and 2 months later sold off everything and pushed off for the sea.

Their attitudes and discoveries are fantastic. I can see why everyone raves about the book but just not for the reasons i was expecting.

I'm only up to New Zealand so far so we'll see what happens but a great read even if you dont know your port from your starboard.

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  1. A nicer review could not have been written. Spot on!