Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Man Who Owns The News

Just finished reading

The Man Who Owns the News

Wow what an incredible read. Much like the person himself lots of interwoven facts and stories and how he got to here, from there.

Some of the things i had no idea about was Mayor Koch, some of the earlier stuff around Fox and movies/The Simpsons, the WSJ acquisition and why it was such a big deal in his life to a "print guy like him" the Roger Ailes relationship and the running of Fox News etc.

Well worth picking up a 2nd hand copy from Amazon as well worth the read or alternatively if anyone wants to swing past BH you can have my copy as happy to pass it along to anyone who has an interest in this.

Whether you like or hate Rupert Murdoch, at least he has lead an interesting life and you cant hold it against him for working hard at what he's achieved.


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