Friday, June 01, 2012

Hey Tech Press...get it clear....Facebook doesnt care what their stock price is this minute/day/week/qtr (probably even year)

When are the tech press going to realise Facebook dont care.

They got $38 a share for their IPO and are laughing pretty with their $16billion dollars in cash.

The fact that the street wants to play footsies with Facebook stock doesnt matter to the management team as the stock control is tightly held and locked in.

If day traders want to drive the price up and down for the next few years no one cares except insider employees looking to take a little off the table and buy a house etc.
Until Facebook needs
1/ Sell more shares
2/ Raise more money
3/ Sell a big block of insider shares from Zuck etc

none of this matters and i wish tech reporters would get back to talking about tech news rather than the menstrual whims of the stock market.

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