Friday, June 29, 2012

QR code fatigue

Articles like this bore me. Obviously misses the mark and is uneducated at best or worse....just SEO bait.

QR Code Fatigue - by Mark Milian
QR codes have always had limitations as advertising tools. They can only be used by smartphone owners, who have to download an app and hold their phone steady to capture a clear image. The process doesn’t work well with faraway billboards or in low lighting, and it requires cellular service.

My comments below.
Both Roger and Phillip nailed it. Saying there is something such as QR fatigue would be like saying there is URL fatigue.

Mark how about you call out crappy websites/marketing campaigns for what they are and quit blaming the protocol.

Saying QR codes are fatiguing is about as intelligent as saying http: is boring.

Dean Collins

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