Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reflections on today's Kickstarter

Someone commented on newtech about Seth Godins Kickstarter

Did anyone else see this and think it's, I don't know, ANNOYING, for someone as huge/established/rich/etc as Godin to do a Kickstarter? The campaign says that if he raises $40K his publisher will do a whole bunch of promotion and other stuff for him . . . which just makes it even more obnoxious to me.

Maybe I just woke up in a bad mood . . .


My thoughts are nah it’s a great idea, its an example of how “value add” selling can be a highly valuable revenue stream outside of the normal “profit lines”.

The fact that Amanda Palmer etc can sell small gig private performance tickets at a price point to make it worthwhile etc shows that music/book/ (dare I say newspapers) are no longer dead and dying, just being reformatted.


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