Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Home Brew "StarTrek Communicator"?

Really interesting article.

By way of background - USA analog TV is being turned off in Feb 2009. (everyone is supposed to move to TV's with digital receivers ..or.. buy a converter).

The spectrum being freed up is very valuable as it goes through walls etc. There have already been calls for emergency services to get access to some of this bandwidth.

The point of the article is to make available some of this spectrum for 'experimental' purposes.

What's exciting is can you imagine a movement like this gaining momentum and someone developing a non carrier device for mobile communication (think battery powered PAN broadband router with a headset/microphone).

That would make the OpenMoko linux gsm handset look positively ancient...and send a shiver down the mobile carriers spine with their highly restrictive attitudes about voip applications running over GPRS.

With the recent announcement that there will be NO iPhone SDK (killing all those plans for AJAX applications) yet another example about how the carriers are killing development in the mobile space.

Anyone out there want to comment about what they think could forward the momentum on a potential "communicator device"?


P.S. For those of you that have more than just a passing interest in this topic I would like to invite you next Monday the 18th of June at 1.30pm usa est (6.30pm gmt) to join Jerry Michalski on a conference call about 3G/4G Mobile networks/Spectrum Allocation etc.

Details are available here http://www.yi-tan.com/

These Yi-Tan calls are a weekly event every Monday and some of the most interesting, smartest most experienced Technologists/VC's/Future Thinkers join these calls (silently or actively) on a weekly basis.

While Yi-Tan is an open call and anyone is free to put forward their thoughts please also be mindful of the people who are also listening as their time and input is a very cherished resource.

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