Monday, June 11, 2007

Local Virgins Rule

Ok so for those of you that clicked on a rss feed because of just the title I apologise for the provocative advertising :)

But....this is a topic that i feel really strongly about. Check out these photos

So this is a local bus shelter near my apartment that Virgin are sending a direct 'personal' message to the local Upper East Side residents (I also saw a similar massive billboard for the LWS when I was out on the weekend but I didn't have my camera).

How much more do you think it cost them to implement this localised marketing campaign? 10% 20% maybe?

How much higher do you think the response rates are? And even if they didn't get a direct call to action (eg I cant swap to virgin because I require data on my cell not just voice so I'm not a target candidate) did this type of localised advertising catch my attention hell yeh.

Who else reading this blog post that has run a localised campaign? email me to let me know what it was and your thoughts.

P.S. You might also like to check out this post I made ages ago about a great VW campaign here in NYC


  1. Interesting, but also risky in some cases. The Bed-Stuy instance of this campaign has generated a fair amount of negative response, much captured on the Brownstoner blog:

  2. I found the one in Astoria to be a bit patronizing, but yeah, it was engaging and I read the whole thing, which I don't generally do.

  3. Ditto for Hell's Kitchen... actually read it.

  4. Funny - I took a photo of the Upper West Side one - and was going to put it on my Flickr feed. Excellent marketing...