Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Microsoft SeaDragon

Wow when did Microsoft become a cool place to work????

I didn't realise when I posted about Photosynth a few weeks ago ( ) that it held an even bigger secret.

Being able on the fly to deliver information seemlessly regardless of the volume or content type is a huge change from the way OS's currently display data.

There is also a deeper explanation about how Photosynth works in this TED video, astounding and well worth the viewing, (I love in the middle of it when the presenter kind of gets choked up saying how happy he is to work for Microsoft and get this kind of reaction from his demonstration -lol the evil enemy is no longer evil and all that).

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  1. dean,
    thanks so much for posting that. i'm doing a project that has a large visual database, and that announcement/preview is very exciting!!! i really love your blog.