Friday, June 08, 2007

Innovative TV?

I just dont get why cable networks are so reluctant to experiment.

I mean sure we see a little 'innovation' here are there like running the same movie 3 nights in a row so if you miss it no probs on tomorrow or 'marathons' like how Big Love returns this Monday night so they are showing the entire first series this weekend (definitely worth watching if you haven't stumbled across it yet).

But apart from this there isn't really much alternative out of the box thinking.

For example - there are some fantastic dvd commentaries that rock and played on a surround system in 5.1 would allow me to listen to them on the rear speakers while the regular dialoge is played through the front.

Or even better set up shows with alternate voices - like the Sparticus stage show.

I’m assuming it’s something to do with license and not editing the content but if you are 'in the biz' and know that it's not drop me an email as I have a ton of ideas to push the envelope on this.


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