Thursday, June 07, 2007

Marketing Borders No Longer Exist.

Hellooooo - I just don't get why people still don't get the Internet.

Your customers now consume products and services on a borderless basis via the Internet. Yet companies continue to think within borders.

I don't understand what is going to bring about the paradigm shift that makes companies aware of their very extensive rights/new capabilities.

For example I was talking with a client this week explaining that although they currently sell a hardware solution today that once they offer their product in an entirely software solution that they should split off the IP and incorporate outside of the USA (Read after me - this is not a taxation issue - they will catch you - do not try) but for credit card processing delivered software, certain jurisdictions offer far better and more favourable rates for doing business. You will still pay tax but you pay it when you remediate the income back into the country.

Where the servers/processing/software IP ownership rights are housed is totally up to you.

So getting back to Mr Singleton and his BondieBlonde beer. Ahmm if you sell a case of beer in Panama - and they have no restrictions on advertising beer in Panama and you host your seductive commercial on YouTube (eg outside Australia) then I'd be telling the 'mormon community standards board' where to go.


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