Saturday, June 23, 2007

New York Cop Car

So I was walking past a car today and noticed a NY Cop notice on the dash, (eg normally detective cars have these on the dash when they are parked outside a station etc).

Thinking hang on a minute thats a bit of a weird car to have one of those on the dash I stopped to take some photos.

So do you recognize what model the car is? (all the boys drool - all the girls go huh?)

Yep you go it right - this is a New York Aston Martin DB7 cop car.

So next time you think you can outrun a NY city cop better hope this car isn't the one following you in the chase as it has a top speed of 185 mph (290 kph)

So just how much exactly do New Yorks finest get paid I wonder??

P.S. In case you are wondering what type of phone I used to take these photos it's a Cingular 8525 also known as the HTC Hermes. It's a Windows Mobile 5 device with full slideout keyboard that is super functional (quad band gsm, wifi, bluetooth etc) almost a little 'too' complicated but if you are a geek it's the phone to have at the moment.


  1. So I guess the NYC cops need new cars because their old cars end up here.

  2. ambanmba said...
    Nice one. A few years ago in Moscow I found something similar.

    Militsia 1
    Militsia 2

    From these shots, the cars seem like they are actually used for police-work. If you're driving down the freeway in your Lada, it would be tough to get away from this.

    You gotta love how the boot looks like it's been broken into a few times (look where the key goes).

    These shots were taken in a town called Zhukhovskiy outside of Moscow.