Thursday, June 21, 2007


Yeh I knew it was coming when I posted yesterday (haven't seen enough to make a decision one way or the other yet though).

I'm super curious to see how this is going to look after making the claim of 6' viewing quality on your TV etc. I mean Joost is ok (and even some of the content isn't bad) but I dont know if it's 6' quality (I only have a 21" screen on my pc and I haven't tried to watch it routed to my tv etc).

Either way interesting times ahead for how we think we watch tv and where tv content actually comes from.

Though there is still a big opening for 'what' tv actually means. I mean lets face it, tv in it's nature hasn't really changed all that much since the first broadcasts 50+ years ago. I think there is huge potential to add new 'elements' to TV (and it doesn't need IPTV necessarily to enable this change). One of my clients is currently looking for funding to add high-touch interactive elements, one of my other projects is what does the definition of a channel actually mean and how videos are grouped determines touch time.

As neat as some of the early reality elements of Survivor or American Idol were or how Current TV has introduced citizen journalism they weren't really that big a step away from what we've always had.

I want to see something big, no something really big, shatter for all time what it means to 'watch' tv.

P.S. What do you think is missing...if you were the king of Newscorp for a day what would you be doing?


  1. Yahoo! gives up 25% of itself to News Corp in exchange for MySpace? I think that would have benefited Murdoch more than it would helped Yahoo!


  2. So if I was head of NewsCorp for a day - I'd change it to a longer term.

    Within a week I would pull together the right team of individuals who have experience in each of the areas I mention. Send them away the next week, for a week (at a nice place) and tell them I want a strategy and
    plan to deliver content of all types, anywhere anytime to anything - . I don't care how much it's going to cost... it's what I want. Deal with the cost later as you refine the strategy and plan.

    The following week, I would have reviewed their work and sit with them for an entire week (again at a nice place) with two analyst firms to flush out things and
    have a solid plan - also see if the entire piece of work can be branded.

    The analyst work would be of course under non-disclosure. Week three,the strategy and plan is approved and the excitement begins. Think big,fast and smart.