Monday, July 07, 2008

Chrylser "Hot Spots"

Chrysler Offers uConnect Web Factory Mobile Internet
The concept of uConnect Web is pretty simple; using a broadband router it picks up cellular-based 3G broadband internet, which allows passengers on board to sync up their wifi-enabled devices to the internet. That means if you're out on a road-trip as a passenger, and you've got a laptop, you can surf websites on-line, download files, get weather updates and write e-mail.

What a great concept.

I did some consulting for a setop box manafacturer a few years ago who wanted to build an automotive 'sync' function that you could select from your set top box the ability to 'send' video content from your DVR to your car so you could watch it on the road next time you were driving.
I've still got some concept documentation if anyone is interested.

Having your car being able to access this content via raw wifi or 3g eliminates the need for a 'garage based access point'.

Dont think this is cool - ask any parent who has had incar entertainment systems with a selection of The Wiggles dvd's stored in the glovebox permanently.

Of course as the cartoon below's going to bring it's own security issues. lets just say I dont want my engine management hooked into this wifi network.

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  1. It's good to have a glove compartment full of Wiggles DVDs. They have some good songs and kids seem to love them. I recently read that the Funky Monkeys are New Zealand's answer to the Wiggles.