Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MediaMonkey Rocks !@!

Finally I have settled on a replacement for MusicMatch. MediaMonkey rocks and is a great replacement to the botched up Yahoo takeover of MusicMatch.

For those of you who 'love' i-Tunes you have no idea how crappy it really is (though it does have good 'synch' functions).

In comparison MusicMatch which has been around for years is a much better application and able to scale with bigger music libraries.

Unfortunately as this earlier post shows the MusicMatch founders decided to cash out by selling their user base to Yahoo who then screwed over its user base royally.

They forced users to do a one way upgrade to the Yahoo music player platform (eg you couldn't get back the original musicmatch software) which was sub par and had buggy issues.

Yahoo then turned off functionality for MusicMatch users who didn't upgrade like single track super tagging and recently killed off all disc cddb access entirely.

Even funnier is recently Yahoo 'onsold' the user base yet again to Rhapsody (lol must of been sick of people complaining on their forums).

For the last year I had tried 4 or 5 various alternatives but kept coming back to MusicMatch which even with the reduced functionality was still better than the alternatives until last week...

Check it out and download the free version. It pretty much only took me 2 or 3 days before I realised I was happy to pay for the full version, lol though ominously I paid yet again for the lifetime upgrade option.... again. (inside joke for musicmatch users who said they didn't mind yahoo taking over the product but for those of us that paid for lifetime upgrades we didn't realise that meant downgrades as well).

Love some of the add-ons like remote web browser control (so i can use a laptop to turn up down change song etc my main media pc).

Be aware this is a bit of a steep learning curve in learning how to configure all the options but after you live with it for a few days you'll love it.



  1. I cant recomend this application enough.

    I'm really loving the 'task bar window popup' that shows the album art with the title and album name at the start of every song.

    Like i said download it you'll love it.

    If you have a better music player I'd like to hear about it.


  2. I'll Give it a try, I've been using the JRiver mediajukebox lately, but it's still no Musicmatch. Thanks.

  3. let me know what you think after using it for a few days - I'm trying to work out if it's just me or is it really as good as I think it is.

    after resisting moving from Musicmatch for so long it's great to finally have an app I'm really happy with.

  4. Great one mate,
    I am a musicmatch user, fan.. u name it. I have a Huge collection of Mp3s of over 50k and used it for organising and as a main Mp3 player. yahoo just dumped in into trash which broke my heart.

    Like a lost soul searching for so many years for an Alternative to MMJB I bumped into Media monkey. I definitely Roks as u said.

    Just checked your post. I too have settled to mediamonkey which has vast features. More than MMJB.

    Try out Dsp DFX plugin and Last Fm out DJ plugin config. Sound clarity goes way up and your playlist will never stop. :)

    have fun