Friday, July 25, 2008

I win the Ooma Bet

So guess what - today is the 25th of July 2008 and it's exactly 12 months since I made a bet with Thomas Howe that Ooma would still be in business a year later.

We bet a steak dinner and it's time to pay up Thomas :)

Here are the reason I knew that Ooma wasn't a flash in the pan

1. Ease of use and design (so sorely lacking in a large number of basic projects I see) their ATA is 'the' best designed ATA I've seen.

2. Ease of uptake, keeping original number is such a barrier to entry to SkypeIn and similar ITSP providers.

3. Ease of implementation in their business model (peer to peer using existing ethernet/internet infrastructure with zero billing - how easy is that).

All of these point above are basic but sorely lacking so often in a lot of the business models/product launches I get asked to be involved with. Success really is 1,2,3 and just getting started one foot after the other most of the time.

You can read the original post here in case you are interested.

I suppose I should also include point 4. Anyone who can score with Demi Moore must have more than half a brain (Ashton Kutcher is on the board of Ooma and had a hand in the marketing and product design).

So Thomas..... when are you next going to be in New York so i can book some reservations?


P.S. Thomas has replied on his blog... looks like he is offering a hot dog only :(
shame to hear that Thomas Howe is such a welsher and a poor looser.

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