Wednesday, July 02, 2008

iPhone Apps: To Pay or Not to Pay?

It's probably been a while since you bought new software. That's because so many tech firms — buoyed by ads placed in Web-based applications like the Google Docs word processor and the thousands of apps on Facebook — can now afford to give their programs away for free. But don't expect the same deal when you're shopping for add-ons to bling out your iPhone. On July 11, Apple will launch its hotly anticipated iPhone App Store — and it'll be anything but a bargain.

SO what do you a copy of bejeweled (I cant believe this is still around, talk about write once run many) worth $9.99?

Are you writing apps in the hope of being paid?

Are you willing to pay for apps? For i-phone users what would you pay for that you currently dont have?


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