Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adobe AIR is flat...?

Is it just me or have people reading this been ‘unimpressed’ with the ‘volume’ of adobe air applications released?

When Adobe AIR was first announced last year I expected every man and his dog to be building apps like this – I’m yet to hear of anyone in NY building a small independent app or see anything on offer that blows me out of the water the way I thought I would.

Are people all ‘developed’ out after writing Facebook apps, browser toolbar apps, etc etc – is a ROI now a critical factor on creating for the sake of creating or is there some limitation in AIR/Silverlight/Firefox(or whatever their proprietary chromeless runtime was called that i said was always going to be a dog) I haven’t read about?


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  1. I agree -
    based on all the hype for Air (Apollo) before its release, I was expecting the same.

    But I think things are moving forward with a natural pace - I've build a couple of prototype apps with Air and it seems to be thought out pretty well - the learning curve from Flash, Flex or HTML/JS being very affordable ...

    Although there are some eval/sandbox issues limiting its sexiness, I guess we're going to see some cool stuff pretty soon (I am yet to be impressed by something of value higher than the occasional Twitter client :P).