Friday, June 13, 2008

Unlimited data.....drives product decisions?

Interesting spin on the iPhones unlimited data plan;

Does anyone know if AT&T have 'fair use limits' on the iPhone contracts?

Do you really think that AT&T forced Steve Jobs not to include video recording capability into the iPhone so that AT&T wouldn't have to pony up all the bandwidth that Qik users are now going to chew up?

- Oh and trust me they are going to chew up bandwidth, I've seen a heap of people fall in love with this application and use it to 'death' - it's only that it's been restricted to the N-series nokias that it hasn't seen wider deployment.

Not that what they are shooting is any good...though i have seen a couple of tech conference sessions that I thought cool that was worth watching etc.

So the question is who will be the first suspended iPhone user for streaming 24x7 of their tropical fish tank.


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