Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Attorney general says looking at child porn is a-ok with him

"ISPs: We're limiting our own Usenet groups, not blocking others".

So according to Cuomo's office, it's ok for ISP's to disconnect 99.7% of usenet groups from customers without any explanation BUT that if you want to pay $15 to one of the other Usenet providers it's all cool to go and look at child porn on their servers thats a-ok.

I cant work out what is more laughable that he's strong arming ISP's to drop usenet and he thinks this is a good thing OR that he feels he's gotten enough press so going after the hard work of actually blocking child porn is a waste of his efforts and too hard.

When exactly is this guy up for re-election again???


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  1. nice story in Digital Media newsletter today :) fancy seeing you there ......