Saturday, June 28, 2008

Greenpeace crashes coal meeting using phony organisation

Greenpeace posed as a pro-coal organization to become a sponsor of the 2008 McCloskey Coal USA conference, which was surprised but allowed them to deliver a brief anti-coal message, officials said Friday.
When The McCloskey Group figured out who the Institute for Energy Solutions really were, they decided to let Greenpeace have their booth under the phone name and make brief remarks, organizers said.


What a cool idea- set up a fake 'group' then offer to sponsor at the conference (apparently only $8500) and get to deliver your message (and free press) from within the actual conference.

If you go to the fake groups website website you actually get

Having said that the coal-is-dirty website is pretty average - you would think for something with such a cool 'launch' concept would have better 'message'.

I mean I'm not pro-coal or pro-whatever but as long as there are humans living on the earth then we are going to need energy in some form or another - until we learn to exist as non energy beings floating around the universe as gaseous electron clusters (eg no food, clothing or housing requirements) then you are going to need energy in some form or another.

eg. I dont think anyone gets the irony that Greenpeace is 'delivering information' on the website that is running somewhere on a web server that is using electricity...... 'boom tish'

Anyway I just wanted to post here saying what a clever concept in getting your message out there.


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