Monday, June 23, 2008

Presidential Legacies

I met Thomas Friedman 2 years ago at a Yi-Tan weekend retreat and I have to say at the time I really was surprised with how many things I disagreed with what he said, especially considering how much of his book The World Is Flat I really liked.

There were a few lessons I learned over the weekend that I use/repeat often though so couldn't have been that much of a let down - anyway that's neither here nor there. I wanted to share with you his latest opinion piece which I think is pure perfection.

Two years ago, President Bush declared that America was “addicted to oil,” and, by gosh, he was going to do something about it. Well, now he has. Now we have the new Bush energy plan: “Get more addicted to oil.”


"It’s as if our addict-in-chief is saying to us: “C’mon guys, you know you want a little more of the good stuff. One more hit, baby. Just one more toke on the ole oil pipe. I promise, next year, we’ll all go straight. I’ll even put a wind turbine on my presidential library. But for now, give me one more pop from that drill, please, baby. Just one more transfusion of that sweet offshore crude.”

Clinton used his last years in office trying to create something monumental like Arab-Israeli peace, looks like we know what Bush is going to spend his last 6 months doing.


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