Sunday, June 08, 2008

"How you doing.....?"

It was a simple enough question, "Howyoudoing....?" in that brooklyn drawl.

The answer spinning around in my head was "well I'm torn, on one hand I hate the obtuse racial profiling you are are demonstrating on this fine Sunday afternoon but on the other hand I appreciate your efforts to police and clean up marcus garvey park of drugs and anti social behaviour...."

I couldn't think of anything so I just said "cool" and kept on walking my dog.

The policeman went back to watching his partner frisking the 3 black youths they had lined up against the wall. Yes I didn't see why they chose these 3 particular people to stop and frisk, I'm sure the police personally had a good reason to be doing so but it didn't remove the 'hate' in my throat for a society that allows 3 people hanging out in a park to be searched and for the middle age white dude to just walk on by.



  1. I'm sure whoever wrote this is going to check back that I actually published it,- in the name of free speech for all, I did - and my name is attached to my post....who are you mr/ms anonymous? :)

    it's funny since moving to Harlem how our (jodie and I) attitudes have changed to the socio-economic issues of the area.

    originally bold and brash we were full of hope for development and change in the area, not 'good' change, just change.

    here we are less than 12 months later and tired of the 'grind' and moving to brooklyn heights (though when i was walking around the area yesterday it felt 'very white' and the stroller nazi's were annoying me more than the homeless in harlem.

    somewhere in NY there has to be a 'right' mix, nice shops and restaurants with the culturally urban mix I'm looking for and a great selection of restaurants.

    I miss glebe (an inner city suburb of sydney) so much with it's well balanced mix of university students and professionals and cool little cafes (and of course my kick ass waterfront apartment with a view of the boats on the harbour).


  2. Isn't it interesting that it's always blacks that seem to wind up in these "unfair" situations? Not Chinese, not Japanese, not Mexican nor Korean. Black. Remember Dean, it's not the color of one's skin, it's the way one acts and blacks have perfected the art of acting "out" against what they think is unfair in my country for over 200 years. People. like you, suffering from white guilt only distort the reality of the situation. The police were frisking them because they had a good reason to. You are a racist for assuming the police did not. Did you ask the police? NO - Too scared to get involved? Go home and write your blog. You have a lot to learn Dean.

  3. lol - yep I must have a lot to learn... I'm sure walking up to anyone doing their job and demanding a reason why they are doing what they are doing must be working out really well for you.

    Either way I'm glad I wrote this blog post as it's been interesting to see some of the reply's / comments (ones not posted here).

    I cant put this into words in a way that expresses this satisfactorily so you'll just have to accept this as a blanket statement, I never felt 'social divide' when i lived in Australia.

    And whilst I feel that the 'ability to improve and be a billionaire' etc living the 'american dream' is far stronger here, that maybe owning a hillshoist a weber and a quarter acre in suburban Australia might be better for the social psyche.


  4. With humor (sic)
    It's *NOT* astonishing Dean -
    How much mischief would you commit walking your 3 Kilogram dog Lulu?

    Barack Obama finds himself standing at the Pearly Gates.

    ANGEL: STOP! You may not enter until you name one good deed you have done on earth.

    OBAMA: Well....I was the first black president of the United States of America.

    ANGEL: REALLY!?!?! When did this happen?

    OBAMA: About 12 seconds ago.
    {I agree with Hillary's statement comparing Obama with Kennedy. I bet you $100 Obama will be assassinated within 18 months}

    Won't be long now before Barack Obama wins the election and becomes President of the United States. I was wondering where he planned to live.
    It ain't going to be the fucking White House, that's for sure.

    Now that Barack Obama is the only democratic candidate left in the race, you have to ask: Is America ready for a black president?
    They should be. Stupid Yanks voted for a retarded one. *TWICE*

    Consider yourself fortunate, Dean. Unlike the citizens of Harlem, you have an Australian Passport so can 'just fly' away @ anytime.

    It's YOUR life ...
    And *YOUR* Psyche

    Cheers, ChrisV
    {AKA - mr/ms anonymous}