Monday, September 14, 2009

America has the health care system it deserves

This finally proves Americans are insane.

My thoughts after watching this video is "America has the failing health care system it deserves", if you guys are this opposed to changing the current system then you deserved to get raped by your health insurance companies because they have no competition and lets face it ....what are you going to do as an alternative go with nothing?

People in Australia looked at me weird when i was trying to explain to them last month that we pay $752 per month for health insurance (or an amount equal to 1/3rd of our mortgage).

This video is crazy. The man needs a police escort for supporting the idea that people should be provided health care when they are sick.

I thought America was the land of competition..... what are you guys so scared about from a public option providing competition to the failing private solution being offered now.

If private is so much better then no one will join the public option so you can stop your protesting.

I think 90% of this crowd are pissed off republicans that are using this as an option to protest against Obama. Sore losers, what did you expect would happen 8 years ago when you voted George Bush to lead the republican party - there had to be a back swing coming.



  1. Hey Dean,
    thought you might like this collection of Re'tardicans' photos

  2. As a libertarian, I have had a sympathetic view toward most teabaggers, but have really been put off by the nasty signs and boorish behaviour of late.

    Most Americans, and most conservative Americans truly DO want true health care reform. We need to get to where anyone can get healthcare when they need it, and no one goes broke because of serious medical bills. We have to have a true safety net. But personal responsibility is involved too. Lifestyle choices such as eating, smoking, drinking and exercising have a huge impact on medical costs. And sadly, many Americans aren't making really bad choices!

    If democrats truly want competition, then why won't they change the laws to allow competition across state lines by health insurance companies? Or pass reforms to curtail trial lawyers that produce doctors practicing defensive medicine that add billions in cost to the system?

  3. I'm anti legal reform as i just think it's a way of insulating reponsibility for hospitals - my feeling is if you screw up the doctor/hospital/insurance company has to pay the damages....but thats just me because i think and dont believe astroturfing :)

    Regarding state lines....hmmm - sorry dont know anything about this, are you sure about this?
    I know Aetna which covers us in NY also covers some friends of mine in CA so i'm not sure what you are talking about really.

  4. Just noticed a typo, my original comment said "many Americans aren't making really bad choices!" should be "ARE making really bad choices".

    I do think as well and I see how sue happy American society has gotten. Plus one Dr friend has told us just how large a % of revenue their malpractice insurance premium has gotten. Also, I am only for limits on punitive damages. Any costs for medical care resulting from the mistake should be fully borne by doctor/hospital.

    I would be happy with a "loser" pays reform that didn't limit damages. So if you brought a suit and lost, you automatically paid all the legal fees and court costs of the defendant. That should end a lot of the garbage suits that are filed.

    I also don't believe the progressive "astroturfing" that the public option will solve all the problems.

    Yes, companies do operate in multiple states, but they are regulated on a state-by-state basis. So, if you were shopping for policies, you couldn't find a company, say in New Mexico, that offered a better deal and purchase to use in New York.

    I do understand the reluctance to tackle this issue as many states don't want to give up that control.

  5. Hello and thanks for the post. As a Canadian I must say that I am really happy with our single-payer system. It is less costly than the American system now and mainly all citizens are covered. I totaly agree that the US needs a reform urgentely. The problem is that most people in the US seem to be confused as they don't know who and what they should believe.

    Take care,