Thursday, September 10, 2009

Newspaper micropayments to save the day?

Shelly Palmer tipped me off to this article in the NY Times about potential micropayment platforms for newspapers.

There WAS a link in the article to the 10 RFP responses ...... and now they are not available..... (it's since been put behind a username/password wall

I guess the NAA has a lot to learn about securing restricted content and someone screwed up and tried to fix it...... however you can still access the pdf’s directly if you know the url

It's disappointing that none of the responses were from micropayment specialists/startups, but what do you expect it appears the NAA only went to the majors

eg the MS response was a joke though, so either they feel it's not necessary to share their real plans in this public forum - or they think the NAA proposal is a joke and will never get off the ground

Google at least seemed to put some thought into it

So what are the hot micropayment startup companies that are out there?

Are you ready to pay for content?

Would you be willing to 'trade' personal information for content in lieu of payment like the browser bar looks to propose (hmm would you trade personal information to your ISP in return for cheaper broadband as was proposed with PHORM)

Will anything save the day for newspapers?


BTW - Check out slide 8 from the ibm proposal sounds familiar to what i posted about 45c ad free tv for 1 hour here


  1. Bizarrely the NAA seem to have killed all of those much for open and free information!

  2. Micropayments will not save the day. There are too many structural problems.

    Monetizing the relationship with readers via affiliate models is a better solution: