Monday, September 14, 2009

Update for MyPostButler

As discussed elsewhere i originally wrote the MyTwitterButler application to find people twittering about baseball games for my application.

Basically i automated what i was doing manually on the twitter search website.

So i guess what Twitters lawyers are saying is if i manually log into twitter and click to follow each of the people who just wrote about my application “thats ok”

BUT if i use a little .Net application to do it “Then I’m breaking the ‘Law’ and must – Cease and Desist”

My application doesnt ‘cheat or get around’ the twitter API limits eg i cant follow more people in a day or there is no way to cheat and direct message more people than Twitter already allow you to do.

So basically i’m confused – what exactly am i doing via the API that i cant already do via the website?

Yes the application can be used for 'spammy purposes' but so can most cars be used to break the speed limit. fine the driver NOT ford the motor car company.

Most of the people who have purchased my application are corporations who are using it to find people who tweet about their company online. Basically this enables them to rectify customer issues etc identify areas they can improve their products etc.

Someone else who purchase the application ran a cancer prostate support group.

I'm sure there are some users who aren't using it for 'noble' pursuits BUT while twitter allows us to autofollow via the API then i'm going to continue to sell the software.

I've decided to change the name to BUT NOT give up the original domain name. If they want that they WILL have to sue me.

(btw also spent the past 2 weeks adding a new Twitter Bulk Unfollow function, lol so i'm sure they really hate me now.

Dean Collins

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