Friday, September 25, 2009

The Art of the Long View - Peter Chernin and Gordon Crawford

hmmm cable tv was invented in Pennsylvania, in 1948 !!! wow i had no idea.

Check out the history of how we got to here from around 4 minutes to 7 minutes in this video

Some other comments on the video topics;

Laughing at the comment around the 12 minute mark about "who bought cd's recently" - i only buy cd's BECAUSE i prefer not to be 'controlled' by someone elses DRM that may disappear in the future. Sorry i'll pay the $15 once and own for good even though i rip all my music content as 192bitrate mp3's to store electronically on my own servers.

al la carte cable programming at about 22 minutes - yes but if no one is watching the 250 channels then don't they deserve to go away....?

29 mins - I love the comment about 'value' hasn't gone away it's just shifted to other people. I totally think technology is just shifting 'leaders', it's only the losers (NYT eg mentioned at 30 mins that are complaining).

lol - boiling trees tossing onto people driveways comment at 34 mins. I've never heard it put that way about "Yesterdays news - is the practise that we are trying to defend"

55mins - smart guy, better to cannibalise yourself rather than have someone else cannibalise you. never a smarter sentence been said about being revolutionary and surfing the 'leading edge wave'


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