Friday, September 25, 2009

lol yeh right

Dont you love spamming companies who market you something like "Learn how to build on demand apps" but cant event manage a mailinglist properly.

Dear Salesforce,,, CyberMedia India Online Ltd - You #FAIL


  1. If you do not wish to receive these mailers, plese clickhere (RFC rules). There is an option to remove your email forever.

    Plese do that, and forever you can get rid of receiving mailers from these guys.

    Very simple, the truth is, to market your product you require to work hard and smart, ofcourse follow the rules as per RFC rules(Request for Comment) , no body can point a fingure at you.

    Of course, the message contains all the ingredient to abide by RFC rules and CAN-SPAM act

    Well Wisher

  2. actually the can spam link doesn't work which is one of the reasons i was pissy at them (nor did i sign up for it in the first place).