Saturday, September 12, 2009

Live Mesh media player

Want a ghetto way to listen to your audio tracks remotely from your 'home pc' using any browser that you happen to be sitting in front of?

Check out Windows Live Mesh then.

Generally i just use Live Mesh to automatically sync via AT&T any photos i take with my mobile phone to my PC as well as upload ebooks etc.

But i noticed that Live mesh also has a browser file viewer option, basically you can look at all of your files 'in the Live Mesh cloud' from any browser.

In addition there is a MP3 media player, so if you have some mp3's store in your Live Mesh folders these are also available to play using your browser.

I'm not sure what the upper limits of Live Mesh are or how it would handle the 142gb of MP3's i have but you 'could' do it if you wanted to.

(PS Yes i know there are other better apps to do this eg run stream cast or some other app on your home pc to make mp3's available via the web - was just an example).

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