Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Amoeba with attitude

A friend of mine wrote this on his facebook page

- i thought my responce was worth posting here.

Sorry Brian, not everyone agrees with you. I think what Cass Sunstein is saying is true and accurate.

I don’t know why people get all worked up over 'life'. It is what it is, no big deal.

Saying cloning is bad because it recreates a life is BS. That would be like saying growing cows for food is bad because they are a life also (last time i checked you liked cows with your burgers).

My point being is what makes humans so special...?

Because they are top of the food chain? big deal once dinosaurs were the top of the food chain, should the be revered.

I've had this saying for a long time "Humans are just amoeba with attitude".

I think the sooner people start human cloning (and I don’t mean research, i mean full body birth cloning) it will change how human beings think about themselves and life for the better.

Basically they will realize they aren't so freaking special.


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